Lexington VA Outdoor Recreation

Do you like swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, tubing, SUPing (stand up paddleboarding), cycling, golfing, hiking, camping, bird watching, geocaching or horseback riding? (Whew!) If yes, then you’ll find the perfect outdoor adventure in Lexington and Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Goshen Pass

Goshen Pass near Lexington, VA

Goshen Pass in Rockbridge County, Virginia

Goshen Pass  was formed over millions of years by the tenacious power of the Maury River. The deep gorge and thick forests give the area a dramatic and rugged beauty. You really have to see it for yourself! You’ll find a stunning overlook, a swinging bridge, hiking trails, rare plants, and a family-friendly picnic area. Goshen Pass is home to some of Virginia’s most impressive whitewater including two Class IV rapids called Corner Rapid and Devil’s Kitchen. Goshen Pass is located approximately 16 miles northwest of Lexington, VA in Rockbridge County and can be accessed by State Route 39, which runs parallel to the Maury River.

Maury River

The Maury River flows the entire length of Rockbridge County, VA.  The first stretch of the Maury through Goshen Pass is a wild ride; only suitable for highly experienced paddlers. The next leg of the Maury River, from Rockbridge Baths to Jordan’s Point, is a bit remote but provides a fun 14 mile adventure for those with some experience. The next 8 miles, from Jordan’s Point to Buena Vista, offers an enjoyable and easy float. For the last leg of the Maury, you’ll need to put in at Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista. This final 12 mile stretch of river offers several Class II rapids and you’ll take out in Glasgow.

House Mountain

House Mountain near Lexington, Virginia

The two peaks of House Mountain and a former orchard called the Saddle in between.

The silhouette of House Mountain is one of the most recognizable landmarks near Lexington, VA. House Mountain is actually comprised of two peaks, Big House and Little House, with a meadow in between referred to as the Saddle.

Brushy Hills

Chessie Nature Trail

Gems of Rockbridge Geocaching Trail