Buying a Home

couple standing in front of their new home holding SOLD sign

New homeowners Christine and Marc on Closing Day! (February 2019)

When you’re buying a home in the Lexington-Buena Vista-Rockbridge area, select a buyer’s agent who represents you and your interests. At Lexington Real Estate Connection, our diverse group of experienced agents take the time to learn just what you’re seeking, and will help you discover your best solution.

We understand that everyone is different, and that your particular situation has many facets — timing, work, school, family, friends, and even pets — that will affect your choices.  Getting to know our clients — and striving to meet their specific, unique needs — makes our work interesting and fulfilling. Finding the “just right” place for you to call home is something we are passionate about.

It’s our commitment to you that understanding your goals and needs when buying a home will lead us to your perfect place — whether “perfect” is a fixer-upper or an estate on hundreds of acres. We’ll collaborate with you to provide start-to-finish support, transparency, and communication. We’ll work hard to make the buying process seem easy. Our goal is for you to have a positive, successful experience.

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The Buying Process:

1) Meet Your Agent

2) Determine Your Budget

3) Find Your Home

4) Make/Negotiate Your Offer

5) Offer Accepted — Under Contract

6) Home Inspection

7) Post-inspection Negotiations

8) Appraisal

9) Financing Commitment from Lender

10) Final Walkthrough

11) Closing Day

12) KEYS!

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